Zig Zag Bronco Blanket!

My first knitting project for 2016 is a zig zag Bronco blanket. And it is AWESOME!I started with a free knitting pattern from lion brand yarns. I really wanted to do a zig zag pattern because it looked lovely with the stripes, but so many free zig zag patterns are crochet. This was one of the few knitting patterns I found when I was looking at the beginning of the year.

I changed up the colours for Bronco’s colours and made up my own stripe pattern. If I was doing it again I might try and change the pattern so there was one wide and one narrow blue and white stripe together, instead of both wider, or both narrower, but that is really nit-picking. My only plan was that the blanket had to be “predominately orange” which I definitely achieved!

Before I started IMG-20160208-WA0015knitting I found the directions very intimidating! I couldn’t imagine how the zig zag worked with the knitting. I have been SO surprised by how easy this is – especially given that it looks so wonderful! All it requires is slipping two stitches, then passing them over the next knitted stitch in the down zags, and making two extra stitches by twisting the yarn around the needle in the up zags. That is it! The bottom of the V is where the pattern eats the stitches and the top of the V is where it makes the new ones. The stripes at the center of the zigs and zags are created by purling occasional stitches on the other side of the pattern – but other than that it’s all knit stitches. I’ve had so many admiring comments on this blanket and it feels like such a cheat!

One thing I would have done differently had I understood the pattern when I started was the width of the blanket. I measured very carefully, and did a test square, but it took a couple of rows for the zigs and zags to arrive properly and I started doubting the measurements. Every stitch in a flat line is quite wide, but I didn’t understand how steep the angle would be, and how much width I would lose in that angle. As far as problems go it’s not really noticeable to anyone else though!

This was a really fun, surprisingly easy project to start the new year. The most fun I’ve had is finding the zig zag pattern all over the place since I really understood what I was doing. My co-workers stylish shawl, a skirt pattern, and in the really cool mitered squares blanket that I’m just going to have to make some day.20160213_183848


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