Things I will miss

We’re moving. Across the world! In two days!!

It’s all rather exciting and terrifying and overwhelming. As I finished work yesterday this weekend I finally hit the “really” moving stage. No real life things happening anymore, just packing up and saying goodbye and going.

For a while I’ve been thinking about all the things I’m going to miss. Some of them are things everyone expects and some are the strange little things that only mean something to me.

I’m going to miss being in the same country as my parents and my sister. I’m going to miss being able to drive up to see them for the weekend. I’m going to be sad that I won’t be able to help them move before the end of this year, won’t be able to visit them in their new house for quite a while. I’m going to miss a visit being easy and often, I’m going to miss feeling like if they really needed me I could be there to help them in nearly a heartbeat.

I”m going to miss my friends. The friends I see on the train in the morning and walk to work with. The friends I have been having lunch with for two years! Who I laugh with and who are pretty much the only people who can convince me to stay in town for the evening.

I’m going to miss our neighbours. We have been so lucky with our neighbours! I’m going to miss knowing that if my kids disappear they are next door on one side or the other. I’m going to miss knowing that we might get people, or dogs, visiting us back. I’m going to miss living next to the kind of people who don’t mind when my kids keep popping over the fence to visit – and wander into the house to raid the fridge! – the kind of people who put a chair next to the fence to make it easier for them to get over and back.

I’m going to miss this house, I’m going to miss the memories and the little touches that make it home. I’m going to miss the room I laboured in when Danny when was born. The table we played games at for years with our dearest friends. All the things my daughter painted around the garden; the workbench (also a lovely memory in itself), the bits of wood, the big number 5 on our fence. I’m going to miss the little special things that only have meaning to me. The little star on a spring stuck into the top of a fence post which only I know is a wee message of love from my husband.

I’m going to miss the Pohutukawa in the back garden, which I swear got happier when my kids started sitting in it all the time. I’m going to miss driving past so many beautiful Pohutukawa trees on the way home in summer when they are all red and gorgeous. I’m going to miss the Tui who occasionally objects to us hanging out laundry or painting the house and dives at us and who sings in the mornings in the sunshine outside our window. I’m going to miss the sparrows who are so used to coming into our house and eating the crumbs off the floor around the table they aren’t scared of us at all anymore. They come in while we are still sitting down for a meal, and if the door isn’t open in the mornings they come and perch on the doorknob and peek in at us.

There is so much to be excited about, and so much to look forward to. But right now, today, I keep seeing the things that remind me of the story of our past 8 years and I am going to miss them so much.


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