Thoughts on my 8th wedding anniversary.

Recently I had a moment where I thought, I married absolutely the right guy. We were walking down the road, talking about how having children does make day dreaming about the zombie apocalypse more complicated. Our kids were riding in our wagon and my husband humoured me with a good 15 minutes of discussion about using the wagon to escape the city. He even engaged in a serious conversation about whether training the kids to pull us in the wagon was a good idea, or more likely to be hazardous to our health should they get bitten and infected by zombies. Now, when we got married, I hadn’t discovered my disturbing interest in zombies. How do you factor that in to searching for a mate? Someone to love and honour you, even when you start to loose your mind and gain strange obsessions?

I think about my relationship, and I have no idea what to tell my kids about how to find and build a successful marriage. I feel that at the moment I have a pretty successful marriage; we haven’t killed each other yet, and he is my best friend. But, I don’t really know how we got to here from where we began.

Luckily enough, the things that attracted me at the beginning – his sense of humour, generous and supportive nature, confidence and ability to look at the world in different ways to me – are attributes which still hold appeal and have continued as we’ve both grown over the past 14 years (oh crap, thats a long time) to make him a man I am proud of and I love. Still, I look at who we are now compared to who we were when we met and I feel very lucky that we have grown in the same directions. I feel grateful for all the times we’ve talked (ahem, fought) through all the things we have to figure out what we want as a family for our children and ourselves.

I think the reason our relationship works right now, and hopefully will continue to work into the future, is both of us deciding each and every day that our marriage is important. I wasn’t looking for that particular trait in my husband when I met him, and I don’t know that I would have recognised that it was there if I had been. But I’m grateful. Thank you Husbunny, and Happy Anniversary. Hopefully we’ll continue to keep not messing this up too horrendously for the next 8 years.


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